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 Guild Wars O Lost Pages of Taborea: Comparing EVEs PLEX and PvP to RoMs Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

So at worst its like comparing two different types of wow gold.

I have a memorandum to all EVE players: If youve ever wondered what EVE-style PvP would be like in a ntasy themepark MMO with cheap wow gold, you should try one of RoMs PvP servers.

Or just ignore all that hubbub and mess around low-sec a bit, do exploration (possibility of really good bucks there for a rather low investment)

On top of that, RoM is a F2P game while EVE is subscription-based with the ability to utilize PLEX to go F2P. That is why I agree withBeaus labeling of EVE as a freemium game. For an informative look at microtransactions and EVE, check out Brendans latest EVE Evolvedarticle.


I agree to the apple and oranges bit Doran mentioned.

If I could find anything currently in the industry that even comes close it would be EVE and they way PLEX works.Reply

by on Jul 11th 2011 6:00PM

You dont have the diamond weapon +16 yet? Go look for some other lowbie party kickReply

This isnt really the right thread for it but one thing no one seems to mention when speaking about PLEX is the ct that it was created in part to combat RMT. Which it effectively has.

Each Monday,Jeremy Stratton deliversLost Pages of Taborea, a column filled withguides,news, andopinions for Runes of Magic. Whether its acommunity roundup for new players or an in-depth look at theRogue/Priest combo, youll find it all here. Send your questions tojeremy@massively.com.

I dont play either of these games but even I know theyre two totally different situations.

I really dislike any term suggesting that players are forced to pay money to be able to compete with their neighbors. Its a limp catch-phrase born out of sound, single-player rationale thats degraded into an excuse to rationalize mulit-player peer pressure. In any ncy brand-name clothing store, the company is not forcing anyone to pay to compete. While ethics can get involved, these watered down one-liners ignore it for the baser purpose of being a flashing neon arrow to point to vague complaints players have against a game that could actually be offering more power and freedom and choice of how to pay. Never mind whether the game is actually fun to play. We just want it to be ir.

EVEs PLEX and RoMs Diamonds

The key difference is that EVE is very dependent on its time-based skill system and robust economy. Skills tie gameplay to items, even if you spend vast amounts of money on PLEX to afford the best ships with the best equipment right out of the gate. The player-driven economy -- with tons of resources and creatable items -- also allows for some really fun outcomes in how players choose to spend their time. Thats the direction the stickler in me would say RoM needs to head, while avoiding any discussion of whether to be a themepark or a sandbox.

Maybe Mr. Ludgate is right and the crucial difference is whether a player with less time is paying to buy wow gold ster while theres still a means to progress for players with no money, but more time. RoM and EVE both allow the player with more time to progress in-game -- although EVE does attach a monthly fee, but EVE also doesnt have a cash-shop... yet. But Diamonds do work similar to PLEX.

Article source:2joygame.com

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- you will require Cheap RS Gold

- driving gadgets on-line consists of wow gold

- look nearly the identical with wow gold buying

- issue of heading with wow gold

- ideal action with cheap rs gold

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